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Learn day trading. Simulate trading. Become a funded trader.
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Proprietary Trading Reimagined

For a fixed monthly subscription, get access to the tools and capital you need to succeed as a professional equities trader. Oh, and the risk is on us


Get access to more trading funds when you hit milestones.

The perfect platform for day trading for beginners. Start as a student, and level your way up to over $1,000,000 worth of trading capital. Our unbiased algorithm evaluates your results and updates your progress daily.

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Trade risk-free

Never pay more than your monthly subscription. Don't worry about margin calls, or outsized losses. All trading risk is on us. So you can focus on one thing - being the best trader you can be

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Learn Day Trading At Your Own Pace

Not profitable yet? No problem! Trade as a student for as long as you need. As soon as you show consistent profitability in your proprietary trading, you'll begin to hit milestones and rank up. Our algorithm looks at your best active streak, meaning previous losing streaks are ignored. No early shut downs or paying for resets. Ready when you are!


Connect With A Community Of Traders

Connect and Collaborate through our Discord server. Track and compare results on our community leaderboard. Join our community of traders that share strategies and help each other succeed

Direct Market Access
  • Customizable ECNs and routing
  • Low Fees ($1/1000)
Industry Standard Trading Platform
  • Industry Standard Platform - Sterling Pro Trading Platform
  • Customized layouts and hot keys
  • API for automated trading
Elite Support
  • Guides and Walk-Throughs
  • Chat, Phone and Email Support
  • Available All Market Hours

Professional-Grade Day Trading Platform

Forget retail trading. Hook into institution level market access and trade fees. Place and manage orders via the industry standard day trading platform. Written guides and personal support always on call during market hours. We have everything you need to get from 0 to 100. And beyond.

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