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Funded Trading FAQ

What Stocks Am I Allowed To Trade?

As a FullScale funded trader, you can trade US equities. Any stock on the following stock exchanges can be traded through your FullScale trading account:

  • ● NYSE
  • ● NASDAQ
  • ● AMEX
In order to avoid issues with slippage or illiquidity, we strongly recommend trading symbols priced a minimum of $5, with a daily volume of at least 1,000,000 shares. Finviz's screener filter can help you filter symbols.

Can I Hold Trading Positions Overnight?

You cannot hold day trades overnight. Trades must be opened and closed during regular U.S. stock market trading hours (9:30am - 4pm est). Positions held after this time may incur penalties.

Are There Any Trading Restrictions?

Based on your current level, you will have a set daily max loss, maximum shares, and maximum buying power.


What Is The ‘Daily Max Loss’ And How Does It Work?

The daily max loss is the maximum a trader is allowed to lose in a single day, displayed as "Total P&L" in the Sterling trading platform. Traders should exit their positions before reaching this level.
If a trader's P&L drops below their max loss, their positions may be liquidated at market price.

What is ‘Maximum Shares’ And How Does It Work?

Maximum shares is the total limit order per symbol.

What Is Buying Power And How Does It Work?

Buying power is the total available excess equity in your account, across your entire trading portfolio.
For example, with a $100 stock with $50,000 buying power, you would be able to long trade or short trade 500 shares of that stock.

500 shares * $100 = $50,000

Or, you could buy 500 shares of a $50 stock, and 500 shares of another $50 stock.

(500 shares * $50) + (500 shares * $50) = $50,000

Longs and shorts count for the same amount of buying power.

How Do I Earn More Capital To Trade With?

Your trading results will be checked each night by an advanced algorithm, and your results will be used to calculate a point total. Each level has a point target. Reach that point target to level up - which will bring more buying power, daily max loss, maximum shares, and payout. You can see information for each level's point target, and your current progress, in your trading dashboard.


The formula takes a recency weighted set of days, and looks at:

  • ● P&L
  • ● Volume
  • ● Statistical Confidence (a mix of variance and longevity - the more days with less variance, the better)

Can I Pause My Trading Account Subscription?

Yes, you can pause your trading account subscription. Your account will remain at its current level until you resume your subscription again.

Can I trade algorithmically?

Yes, you can trade algorithmically. Indicate to FullScale when you're opening your account, and we'll enable API on your Sterling account.Through the API, you can input and manage orders.
You can trade algorithmically both as a student on the trading simulation, and as a graduated trader on a live trader account. You can use a student account to test out your algorithm, and if it works, get ready to rank up to a live account!

What are the trading fees?

The trading fees are $1 per 1000 shares on live accounts, and a mirrored $1 per 1000 share on the trading simulator. Live accounts have an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and other market fees passed through at cost.

What If I Have An Issue While Trading And Need Support?

The support team at FullScale is always available during market hours. You can reach out by phone, email, or live chat. We're also active on Discord, so you can reach us there too!

How do payouts work?

When you graduate your first level as a live trader, you will be eligible for payouts. Payouts will be made monthly, by wire or check, based on your trading results.


What Does The Funded Trading Free Trial Include?

The free trial offers you seven calendar days with the progression funded trading program. You will have access to the same features included in the paid subscription, however if you do manage to rank up during this time, you will need to upgrade to a full subscription to gain access to a live trader account and receive payouts.

How Do I Start Trading?

The Getting Started Guide will walk you through the steps from opening a FullScale funded trader account to placing your first trade.