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How It Works

Practice day trading and earn a fully funded trading account with no financial risk

Beginner trader’s breaking into the proprietary trading world lack access to sufficient capital starting out. With our progression capital funding model we give novice traders access to capital and opportunities that were previously unnattainable

With our trading simulator, you can build your knowledge and develop your strategy. Eventually you can earn a live trading acount that is progressively funded the better you get! The more your trading skill grows, the more your funding grows.

1. Start with a trading simulator account

Begin as a student. Learn to trade at your own pace. Improve your strategy. As soon as you show consistent profits, you will rank up and graduate to a fully funded trading account.

2. Trade on your live account and gain more funding

Keep hitting milestones and make consistent profits. Level up through the ranking system. Each level comes with more funding, payout, and opportunity.

Trading Levels and Milestones »
Trade on Sterling Pro

Access your Sterling trading account details through your Full Scale dashboard. Log in and trade equities whenever, wherever.

Track your progress

View advanced analytics and daily progress updates through your trading dashboard

Rank Up

Level up through the ranking system. Unlock larger accounts and higher payout shares along the way.

Receive Monthly Distribution

Receive your share of your trading profits monthly as a graduated live trader. Track your next distribution amount through your Full Scale trading dashboard


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