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Levels and Milestones




Daily Loss 150
Payout 0%
Sim Image



Daily Loss 200
Credit 15%
Live Image



Daily Loss $150
Payout 60%
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Daily Loss $400
Payout 70%
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Daily Loss $1000
Payout 80%

Progression Formula

Collect points by trading profitably, and clear levels. Clear all the levels in a tier to rank up.

Points are earned by the following factors:

  • Statistical Confidence
    This is how confident, as a %, the algorithm is that you are winning, and not just a fluke. Low variance, and long streaks, make this go up.
  • Volume
    Each level has a target volume. Get this volume during a profitable trading set, and you will reach 100% for this.
  • Profit/Loss
    This is the core value. Your P&L is multiplied by volume and statistical confidence to reach your point total.

Your point total is calculated by finding your best active set of days. This means previous losing streaks are ignored. If no positive sets are found, a negative point total will be calculated. Below a certain threshold, you will be demoted to the previous level.

Unbiased Algorithm

Your progress is updated daily by an automated algorithm. Log in to your trading dashboard each morning to see your updated rank!

Points = Profit * Volume % * Confidence %


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